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I’ve finished my CD, titled “Places for Love.” I’m so happy to share it with you. It’s ready for delivery to all my friends and fans that would like a copy. Check out the samples below and buy individual tracks or the full CD with background and liner notes.


My new CD has 8 great tracks I’ve written based on personal stories and observations I’ve made in my life. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Listen and Buy Individual Tracks from my CD

Going back to Caroline – written in Rochester, New York during my OB/GYN residency. First time living outside of North Carolina and experiencing the long winters of the north. Other life trouble had me wanting to get back to home things and places.

Play BackToCaroline

Don’t Let the Rain – written while in New York; Feeling the first signs that a relationship was not going to work out but still not wanting to let go.

Play Don'tLetTheRain

My Mary – written originally as “My Carrie” changed to a tribute to my mother. Mary B. Williams now is at age 94 and still very much my favorite girl… MY MARY

Play MyMary

LaJolla Rock – Leaving New York suddenly, I settled in Southern California for several years. I found solice in visiting the rocky coast line in Del Mar and La Jolla near San Diego. The rocks in LaJolla had beatiful tide pools and a particular area where the waves coming in would splash high into the air. These places became my refuge during difficult times.

Play La Jolla Rock-samp

Designated Cities – Written in New York inspired from the story of the cities of refuge in the book of Numbers (Old Testament); A story of seeing a person who could have possibly been me.

Play Designated Cities-samp

Loser – Written in California after a conversation with a very successful person who began to tell me of all the things I could have as a physician. At that moment I didn’t even want to hear it as I was not in practice then.

Play Loser-samp

Don’t put That Garbage – There are many things that can poison our bodies and our lives, as a physician I have the opportunity to see the devastation of poor diet, substance abuse, and high-risk life style choices. Today I am particularly alarmed about the resurgence of heroin, leading some state governors to declare a state of emergency over the rapid number of people involved with tragic outcomes. “Let’s not anyone…Don’t put that garbage in your streams”

Play Don't Put that Garbage-samp

Lost and Found – written in Roanoke Rapids, Halifax County, North Carolina; A simple melody I could just not get out of my head. No words ever came. Just that recurring melody.

Play Lost and Found-samp

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